Fun Beer Can Project
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Packaging
Sunday Fun Day Poster/Flyer
Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design
Manta Ray - Island Warrior Apparel
Manta Ray Tribal Tattoo Style Design
Fashion, Art Direction, Branding
A simple typography project that was eventually chosen to be printed on a company sweatshirt that was given to the entire staff across the country as a gift for all of their hard work.
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Typography
Magazine Ad
New product launch press release.
Sacramento Mile Bike Night Event
These are the marketing materials used for a one night motorcycle event located at a the Sacramento, CA Cycle Gear store. It will coincide with the "Sacramento Mile" race that will be taking place the following weekend.
CG Go Ride! Contest
This is the 2nd Annual Go Ride contest where customers can track their miles for the entire month and win prizes. It is a good draw for Cycle Gear and its customer base.
6 Stories Up Logo
Corporate branding collateral for a marketing agency.
Base Layers Email
A responsive email created for a retail client. Themed out for the winter cold weather months. I was in charge of coding, merchandising and deploying the email in Sailthru.
Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
fitbit Email Concept
This email was created using fitbit's style guides and overall UI flow. I composed the email design in photoshop and later sliced it to produce the working coded email
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Web Design
New Helmet Promo Email
This email was designed to be minimal and let the customers focus on the features and benefits of the new model helmets. It products a higher than average open rate and also generated a good ROI in both online traffic and sales.
Art Direction, Web Design, Editorial Design
Store Turn Around Email
This email was created to help promote stores that have turned around and made some changes to their store staff, product selection and overall store layout.
Art Direction, Branding, Web Development
Cycle Gear - Premium Products Email
Email designed to promote new premium products added to the Cycle Gear website.
Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design
Homepage Website Banners
These are examples of webpage banners I have produced on a regular basis for a company called Cycle Gear. They are a large motorcycle apparel and parts retailer with a growing online presence.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design
Cycle Gear Homepage Promos
These are the assets for Cycle Gear's homepage for the month of September. IT highlighted items from almost every category and generated a different feel and style compared to what they were doing in the past. It did increase traffic and also showed a slight increase in conversion.
Branding, UI/UX, Web Design
AromaTouch Informational Flyer
A flyer created for an AromaTouch wellness advocate who is starting out and building her client base.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Information Architecture
Email Header Image - Cycle Gear
This was an email highlighting new items on sale. This was sent out as an email and would be viewed by over 350K customers.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Homepage banner and promo boxes for Cycle Gear
This was done for Cycle Gear, a motorcycle apparel and parts ecommerce retailer.
Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Tri-Fold Brochure: Bridgetown PT
This tri-fold brochure was created to have a luxurious theme to it. Combining the spa like appeal and providing sufficient information for any potential patient to read through.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Web Banner - Homepage New Year Banner
This was a homepage banner that was on display at the beginning of the year to help reap the "New Year's Resolution" buzz that usually happens this time of the year.
Art Direction, Typography, Web Design
Logo Design - Spoke N Spin
This was another logo contest entry for a company called Spoke N Spin. This was eventually not the final winner but I did make it into the final few.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Logo Design - Hawaii Eye Institute
This was created for a contest to design a new logo for the Hawaii Eye Institute. With the influence of the island life and culture, I came up with this logo concept.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Product Catalog
This is a product catalog that displays all of the current products available to the public and to our distributors. There is also a secondary option that shows the prices for these products.
Branding, Creative Direction, Editorial Design
Homepage Banner February 2015
This is a homepage banner for ecoNugenics, Inc. a dietary supplement company. This was themed for heart health month and coincided with valentine's day.
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Web Design
Infographic - PectaSol-C New Jar Size Infographic
This was sent out to customer who purchased this product to make them aware of why we chose to package it in a larger jar. It was also to help quench concerns that the jar isn't packed all the way to the top of the jar.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Information Architecture
Infographic - Full Body Health Infographic
This was created to be distributed to doctors who use our products. They would display these in their waiting rooms to help educate potential patients on what each of our products do and which are of the body it is ideal for.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Information Architecture
Package Design - Stick Pack and Box
This was designed for a new flavored version of the already popular PectaSol-C MCP product produced by ecoNugenics. The stick pack made taking this supplement easy on the go. The contents of the stick pack would be mixed with water and consumed. It was also possible to purchase a tumbler bottle that would help stir/mix the contents in water and also consume it all at once.
Branding, Packaging, Print Design
Email Header - Halloween Theme
This was produced for multiple applications. Website homepage banner, landing page banner, and email header banner. This was designed using photoshop using photo images and photoshop brushes to create the design you see.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
November Postcard Mailer Ad
This is a monthly postcard ad sent to customers to give them a discount for being a loyal customer. Many of the demographics targeted are very responsive to physical mail rather than digital mail.
Art Direction, Branding, Print Design
October Postcard Mailer Ad
This is a monthly postcard ad sent to customers to give them a discount for being a loyal customer. Many of the demographics targeted are very responsive to physical mail rather than digital mail.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
MycoPhyto Vegetable Soup Half Page Ad
This was a half page ad placed in Emerson Ecologics' Uevolve magazine. This ad promoted the launch of the new MycoPhyto Vegetable Soup formula coming from ecoNugenics.
Art Direction, Print Design, Product Design
ecoNugenics - Business Card Re-Design
These were a few of the designs I came up with to help introduce a new feel and overall look to the company business card. This was created to match the redeisigned website.
Branding, Creative Direction, Product Design
Padma Basic - Product Landing Page
This landing page was in conjunction with a joint venture promotion that drove traffic to it. It was also featuring a product that had quantity discounts available for it through the main eCommerce website.
Branding, Web Design, Web Development
New Twist On Health - Landing Page
This is a landing page for a new book available in paperback or digital download. This landing page is responsive in its design and integrated with an eCommerce payment merchant.
Visual Effects, Web Design, Web Development
SerenSleep Web Banner - Product Page View
This banner is located on the SereneSleep product page to help create awareness for this new product. The tag line also mimics the ad for this same product.
Advertising, Creative Direction, Web Design
Newsletter Signup Banner
This banner was set up to help inspire more people to sign up for the email newsletter.
Creative Direction, Web Design, Web Development
Web Banners - Tall Thin
This vertical banner ad was placed by our SEO company to help with brand exposure and drive revenue.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design
Web Banner Ads - Square
These banners were implemented by our SEO company who determined where and when these ads would show up.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design
Lapsed Postcard - August 2013
We send these printed postcard mailers out every month. These have proven to be great revenue generators for our business. It seems as though the target demographic is more responsive to print ads and physical mail than plain email or web ads.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
SereneSleep - Wake Up Happy
This full page ad was created to launch a brand new sleep formula product named SereneSleep.
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Lapsed Postcard - August 2014
We print these postcard mailers and send them out to customers who haven't ordered in a while. This has proven to be a great revenue generating avenue. Many of the customers who have forgotten about the company get a great reminder in the mail.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Lapsed Postcard - April 2014
We print these postcards and mail them out on a monthly basis. This has shown to be a great revenue generating avenue considering the demographic base is between the ages of 40 -65.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Full Page Print Ad - Metabolism
This product ad was based on the notion that humingbirds have a high metabolism. Many people need help with their metabolism and this product, Integrative Metabolic Formula does just that.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Product Catalog Cover Design Concepts
This was a product catalog design that was much needed by the ecoNugenics company. There were many differing designs to choose from. In the end, the one I really liked and took the most time on won the votes. It has gone to print and distributed to over 6,000 people.
Graphic Design, Print Design, Visual Effects
Leave Your Toxins Behind
This was a promotion for PectaClear and natural heavy metal detoxifier. It was placed in numerous magazines as full page ads.
Advertising, Creative Direction, Editorial Design
Subway Print POP Material
This was a window cling ad that was placed on the outside window of a Subway restaurant to promote their daily specials.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Subway Print Ad - Local Store Promotion
This was a local store promotion to help improve overall sales.
Advertising, Creative Direction, Print Design
Subway Cash Card Promo
This promoted Subway's cash card program. It was to be placed closest to the register to create awareness and help bring customers back.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Vehicle Wrap Concept
With the purchase of the new transport vehicle, it was a perfect opportunity to use it as a marketing tool. Adding vehicle graphics of the brand and its top selling product would bring exposure to the company to the local market.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Industrial Design
Logo Concept - Enzo Drago Eyewear
This logo concept was made for an italian eyewear company and was submitted into a contest.
Creative Direction, Fashion, Icon Design
Logo Concept - Crossfit Klamath
This is a logo concept for a crossfit gym in Klamath, OR
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Logo Concept - NexGen Fuel Systems
This logo concept was submitted during a logo design contest.
Branding, Creative Direction, Icon Design
Logo Concept - Recon Race
This logo concept for a race event that is similar to "Tough Mudder" or "Spartan Race".
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Logo Concept - BA+NY
This was designed for a contest.
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Logo Concept - PrimeQ
This logo concept was done for a contest site.
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
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