CG Go Ride Large Overhead Billboard
CG Go Ride Orange and Blue Color Scheme

Final color scheme chosen for the contest.

CG Go Ride Blue & Yellow Color Scheme
Go Ride Off-Road Category Billboard
Go Ride Street Category Billboard

Alternative color scheme for the "Street" category riding class.

Go Ride Red, White, and Blue Color Scheme

Red, white, and blue color scheme. This was a close second to my own person top pick for the campaign. But eventually it was not voted into the top options for the campaign.

Go Ride Black and Orange Color Scheme
Below you can see the color schemes next to each other. I tried to stay close to the brand's color standards but also appeal to the masses with more contrasting colors that popped o both digital and print media. The eventual winning design is found on the far left, orange and blue color scheme. This appealed to the sponsor's colors and Cycle Gear's brand colors.

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