Graphic Design / Web Developer
Meta - TechPubs
May 2022 – March 2023
As a results-driven Graphic Designer, I have provided expert graphic design and web design support for Meta's global data centers, enabling billions of users to stay connected on Meta's family of products. My work includes designing visually appealing and impactful materials, such as presentations, logos, icons, posters, and infographics, that effectively communicate Meta's brand messaging and drive engagement. I have also developed engaging and responsive landing pages for internal web content, resulting in improved user experience and increased interaction. Additionally, I create visually appealing and functional web designs using HTML and CSS practices, driving user engagement and meeting user needs. Collaboration with cross-functional teams, including marketing and communications, is a key aspect of my role to ensure consistency and effectiveness of all visual materials. I have received positive feedback for my innovative design solutions, which have contributed to increased brand awareness and positive user experience.

Production Designer
May 2021 – April 2022
As a Production Designer for the Apple Online Store, I have successfully produced high-quality web and mobile graphics and product images based on design comps and wireframes. I have localized, optimized, and uploaded web and mobile banner promos and images for 20+ Apple Online Store countries worldwide, ensuring consistent brand representation and driving increased customer engagement. Additionally, I have provided image support to cross-functional teams, including Marketing, Engineering, Design, and Web Developers, contributing to successful online marketing campaigns and initiatives. I have utilized image best practices for efficient and optimized web and mobile image assets, resulting in improved website performance and enhanced user experience. My attention to detail, adherence to brand guidelines, and ability to deliver high-quality graphics within tight deadlines have been recognized, further contributing to the overall success of the Apple Online Store.

Graphic Designer
Fior di Sole / Ca' Momi
December 2020 to April 2021
Developing a portfolio of brands for production within the private label & control brands division. Brand development including designing new wine labels and presentations to pitch to new and prospecting clients. Designing wine bottle mockups and packaging options for new wine brand concepts. Creating and editing private label winery websites. Supporting the Marketing Team with special projects, events & activations as call upon by the supervisor.

Digital Graphic Designer
Cycle Gear/COMOTO
April 2015 to December 2020
As a highly collaborative professional, I have provided support across all aspects of running the omnichannel (ecommerce and physical store) business. This has involved working closely with various teams including merchandising, marketing, design, and product & tech development to ensure seamless coordination and execution of business operations. I have contributed to integrated marketing planning across all digital marketing channels as well as brick and mortar operations, ensuring a cohesive and effective approach to marketing strategies. In addition, I have designed, coded, and deployed email marketing campaigns tailored to the store, resulting in increased customer engagement and sales. Furthermore, I have successfully worked with local event vendors to maximize coop marketing opportunities by presenting a holistic and cohesive approach to design pieces in a wide variety of deliverables.

Senior Graphic Designer
March 2012 to April 2015
As a key contributor to the overall brand growth and evolution, I have been responsible for designing various marketing collateral including labels, brochures/catalogs, magazine inserts, and other business collateral. Through my design expertise, I have ensured consistent branding and messaging, effectively representing the brand identity and value proposition. In addition, I have successfully increased website traffic through a comprehensive site redesign, implementation of a new ecommerce platform (Magento), and revised user experience (UX) and web presence using banner ads, resulting in improved user engagement and conversion rates. Furthermore, I have been relied upon for ongoing updates and Art Direction for all marketing collateral, both digital and print, ensuring consistency and quality in all marketing materials, and supporting the overall marketing efforts of the brand.
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